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Every problem needs a solution.


Every solution creates new problems.

For thousands of years

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there has always been something to sell.
But especially now. In the age of shocks.


Zen for Sale

Life on Planet Earth

Life on Planet Earth is a hyper suspenseful, nerve-shredding super-thriller where everyone dies in the end.
The good guys and the bad guys.
And you.

That's exactly why you need ground-breaking high-speed solutions...

Before it is too late:

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Bernd M. Selmeier

Has developed Zensational. In over 30 years of detailed work on the explosive power of paradox. Now Zensational is also accessible to you.

Use it.

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Crazy Zen for Crazy People. Crazy Zen for Crazy People.
Crazy Zen for Crazy People

Take Away Zen

At this moment you have lost nothing! It is...

Do you hear
the sound under your feet?
It is your life's journey.

Who does not pay attention,
is suddenly in the middle of ...

Wherever you look...

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