Frequently asked


What is the uniqueness factor of Zensational Coaching?
How does AI, artificial intelligence, see Zensational's USP?
What is everyday life?
What are problems?
Can "Zensational" coaching help me?
What is the nature of problems?
What do problems do?
What is Zensational's attitude to problems?
What is Zensationell's position on money?
What would Zensational Coaching cost me?
To whom do I pay?

Common Zen Questions

What is Zen - quickly explained?
What is the land of milk and honey - quickly explained?
What is Zen - explained in a contemporary way?
Flow - how important is it?
When does the Master bow to me?
How does the Master bow to me?
When "It" moves things and not "I" - what happens?
Where does Zen take place?
When does Zen take place?
The present - what is that actually?
Zensational - do I need a blank white wall with a meditation cushion in front of it to move forward?


Zen texts - what do they do?
In Zen texts, does the "unity of opposites" make the texts so peculiar?
Ancient Zen texts - why do so many frogs croak in them?
Old and new Zen texts - what is the difference?
In new Zen texts - what is happening?
Zen History and Zen Today - what has remained the same?

The goal of Zen

The goal of Zen - what is it?
What does Zen want from me?
What should I be addicted to?
What happens when I have reached the goal?
How do the Zen masters react to my success?
How can you recognise a Zen addict?
Zenlonging - where does it lead me?
Excuse me?
In the hereafter - will I also meet someone there?
In the hereafter - who will I meet there?
Perfection - oh my God! How do I achieve it?