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  “The Great Wave of Trainsformation” & “Mycelium Seed”.

Workshop- und Webinar-Reihe 2023


"The sun, the universe and you"

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The Zensation bomb

Zen in the art of grinning

With this coaching you will land in the land of the inner smile!
Wide. Empty. Intergalactic.
Is there a reason for the smile?
Not that I know of. 
Is there any profit in it?
Everything that glitters turns to gold.

However, this Zensation coaching is not suitable for everyone.

For you, it is also only an option if you are a passionate lover-of-life freak who wants to give yourself the last bit of unusual spirituality. Who also wants much more than that. Who loves it when there is a "bomb atmosphere"...

Oh yes, I want more. And to grin like the sun.

The Zen Zensation®

Moving mountains while sitting

Oskar Wilde:
I only believe in the unbelievable!

And you? What do you believe in?

But let's start from the beginning.

In this training you won't sit on a meditation cushion. You won't even have an angry master with a whip behind you! Nor will you sit on your couch with crisps and pale beer in your hand in front of your new Panasonic flat screen TV.

This is a matter of
sheer Zensation®

Do - without doing!

It's the great, celebrated Zen classic that thousands of Zen students fail miserably at every day. But you, you can do it....

In this training you learn to sit in your inner centre of gravity.
This is earth-shattering! Why? Because it moves your world.

As soon as you let yourself sit there.
Almost like taking a seat inside yourself, you realise what you have long known, as if for the first time: that everything is turning!

The earth around the sun, the electrons around the atomic nucleus, and you around yourself.

Now you can explode your universe!
Now you are sitting in the middle of your volcano.
Now you set your life free.

Is something shooting through you?
Possibly: The more I interfere, the less it works?

That's unbelievable!
Yes, it is.

The old Johnny Cash. He sings, on one of his last records, with his already brittle voice:

I couldn't manage the problem I laid on myself

And it just made it worse when I laid them on somebody else

So I finally surrendered it all, brought down in despair

I cried out for help and I felt a warm comforter there

And I came to believe in a power much higher than I

I came to believe that I needed help to get by

In childlike faith, I gave in and gave Him a try

And I came to believe in a power much higher than I *

*Songwriter: Johnny Cash  Album: American V. A Hundred Highways.

There you go. Book now.

Give yourself Zen Zensation!  

Yes, I want to experience the highlight of how "doing - without doing" also works for me!

Partnership Training

Riding the wave of love

Love often rushes into hate. Hate longs for love.

I am completely serious. Only those who can love can also hate. And vice versa. It is only in the nature of things that hate celebrates orgies in love.

What to do?

Discovering the wonders of wounds. For yourself. And the better - perhaps also worse – other half.       

Help, I don't want to go down in love.

VIP Coaching

Invest in yourself!

What happens if you already have everything?

When you're doing well without end. The yacht in Monaco rocks in the harbour.
Park five Ferraris in the fleet. The money works for you. Your friends back you up. Your parties and relationships deliver the full shebang?

Then you’re living the dream! And yet you find yourself asking the question:

"Is there anything else?"

Oh yes! Now more than ever!

Sure, you're living your best life. Now. But you already see it. The eternal return of the same. A central idea in Nietzsche's writings. The eternal variation of repetitions.

A nightmare for me. In the long run.

For you?You're looking for the next kick? The super kick?

Let's go! I'll show it to you!       

Yes, I want to set off into the next dimension

Business Coaching

The Magic of Functioning

You are the king, you are the Queen, when the things you do work.
 And vice versa.

Even if the word is negatively charged and no one just wants to function -  
in business life, the question arises every day:

How does functioning work when it doesn't work for me right now?  

This is exactly what this business coaching is about.        

Yes, I want to make what is not going well, function.


Turbo training for your creativity

Creative people can tell you a thing or two about it: blockade! More precisely, the creativity block.

For creators of visual art, it is a blank canvas grinning defiantly back at them. For authors, it's a blank Word document with a blinking cursor line. And for musicians, it's sheet music consisting exclusively of clefs and staves.

All of you are not alone. 
Not even you. Everyone has experienced it once - this block. And for everyone it expresses itself in the same way. With NOTHING.

For all these people 
and for you - I have developed a training method. A training method that ignites your creativity boost and turns NOTHING into MORE. It is aimed at:

- Creatives who are afraid of nothing.
- Freelancers who just can't get on with their creative project.
- Anyone who wants to bubble over with creativity.

leaving familiar thought patterns and the everyday world with its limiting norms. Forever. And you keep bubbling over with creative ideas that don't yet exist out there. You become a sought-after artist, a luminary in your field, and your work is more present than ever.

How so?

Through a revolution of your mindset. Without electrodes on your head. Without hypnosis. But with a lot of explosive power and creative potential.

Let me loosely paraphrase Karl Heinz von Foerster, a pioneering cyberneticist of his time:

"Always act in such a way that you increase the number of your possibilities." 

Together we will achieve this. I will show you how. Are you ready? 
In an Extreme-Training.
I'll show you how. Are you ready? Even for the most extraordinary?    

Yes, I would like to ignite the creativity boost


How to profit from the fear of death - and become more casual than James Bond in the process

James Bond. He is the epitome of nonchalance and coolness. Even in the face of death. Entertaining on screen. But totally out of touch with reality.

Or is it?

You being as brave, as fearless as James Bond. You would live a life of high tension. With lots of variety. Without conventional boredom. But full of fun and fascination.

In short: Imagine living a life in which you use the fear of death as an inspiring, creative component for yourself... And profit from it 24/ 7. Until your last breath.

How do you do that, you ask?

I'll tell you as part of my thriller coaching. 

You will experience how your life takes a power turn as soon as you face death differently than before.

You will learn to deal with high tension. Accept the threat of destruction. And yet turn it into a positive.

You will activate the James Bond in you and in future go through life casually and successfully - exactly where all hell breaks loose.

Have you already thought about it?
How about Bond happily whistling a little song and cuddling all the time with his Bond Girl on a picnic in a flower meadow? No enemy helicopter flying overhead. No killer working his way to him by subterfuge. No bomb ticking in the picnic basket with 5 seconds on the clock. Everything is calm. Two booooring hours in the cinema.

You see: 
It is death, of all things, that makes the thriller exciting. And your life.  
That brings the necessary thrill into your everyday life.

But so is death,
death causes immeasurable suffering in this world. 

Which can make you go crazy with panic and disgust. Which for thousands of years has produced sheer bewilderment, the deepest grief and the most brutal agony day after day. That which is the pure opposite of entertainment.

I'll show you the solution
How to turn the fear of death into a positive for yourself. And I’ll tell you the trick to unleashing your inner James Bond.
With my Thriller Coaching.


Border Crossers Coaching

Drive out of your private hell - and experience greatness

You have abysses.

It hurts to read. But it is so.
You are not only the good guy. You also create turmoil. Tormenting the world. You have a hell inside you. And spread it around you. Your private hell.

Leave your very own hell?
Oh no, much too uncomfortable. Better to stew.

Look closely: Has anyone ever managed to create something extraordinary and become uninhibitedly happy in the process - while part of their personality was still stuck in their own hell? Have truly happy relationships ever come about in this way?

Clear answer: no.

I understand you. Because the devil is in the detail. And hell - that's something different for everyone, but equally hot for everyone.

Wouldn't it be much more exciting to risk something new in your own underground?
For sure! 

But it also means that you will look into your personal abyss. You have to face your darkness.

I'll show you how to take the plunge into the unknown.
Overcome the inner shadow that follows you wherever you go and that contains everything you have never experienced before. How you not only go to hell - but also get out of it. Out of your private hell. 

How do we achieve this?
I enlighten you to your abysses. Find with you the navigation in horror. And present you with a compensatory solution. A solution with which you become the best version of yourself.

Good to know! 
Even your most brutal horror pages are part of something good. They are the threshold guardians at the beginning of your personal hero's journey. They challenge you. Let you grow through the fear of them. And you will be rewarded with a new world - as soon as you have the strength to face them.

Then the way is clear for freedom.
And the grandiose is already calling you. 

Yes, let's go to the limit together and free my personal abysses.


The lightshow at the speed of light - 
your new lifestyle? 

Nothing special can come into being in a hurry.

Thesis. So let's leave it at that.

What do you think?

I think they are humbug. Because there is enough evidence to the contrary.

Think of Mozart.
He understood the light dimension! What does that mean? He tackled gigantic compositions at the speed of light.

I already have the whole symphony in my head. I just have to write it down.

It was all there already. All the genius. All the creativity. Everything was in his head.

And lightness?
Lightness is fully there!
So you leave the nerve terror of time-consuming friction and painful braking.

Take Ringo Starr from the Beatles.
What was world success like for him back then? 

Stressful? Overwhelming? Made of sweat and tears?

"I never seriously did anything to make it happen. It creates itself. I'm here because it came that way, that's all. But I haven't done anything more to make it happen than say 'yes' to it."

So what do you learn from Ringo and Mozart?

There is such genius in you too. It just needs to come out. Come on!  Let's destroy what stands in its way. So that you only have to "write" and say "yes". At high speed. And with self-relieving lightness.

Well? Fancy the speed of light?

Take off at the speed of light now


Your jackpot into another dimension 

Whether you are a Sheikh in Dubai,
or a manager at Apple.
Whether you're sitting on junk in Hong Kong,
or a stewardess at SWIZZ AIR.
Whether you live dewy on the earth,
or have been looking around here for a while -
One thing is clear: everyone wants to be happy.
Even YOU.

Here I offer you the solution.
A paradox, but the solution.

"Only a happy person can become happy."

Does this sound banal to you? And somehow also difficult? Sorry about that, but that's the key.

If you want your Happiness to go intergalactically through the roof -
without having to change your life situation even one millimetre....
then book this cracker coaching now.

Book happyness


From "Homo Religious" to Sensuality Grenade 

Without sensuality you live like a robot. You're stressed on the outside and empty on the inside. Remote-controlled by your "to do" lists.

And how quickly a year goes by when you are completely exhausted by all the things you, as "Homo Religious", are constantly doing from morning to night.
Always trying not to nag...

Did you know that?

What is done without joy - the body only absorbs with extreme difficulty!  It even resists it. Just like your soul. Just like your spirit. Brain researchers have come to know this.

Whether fitness holidays, fasting cures, Chi Gong exercises or management successes. Whether it's learning languages, eating ice cream, spending money, further education, speed dating or loving relationships...
That can change. Immediately.
For you. Now.

Book this pleasure coaching - and your passion will start to burn.

Motto: better a "burn in" than a "burn out" syndrome. Don't you think?

Yes, I feel like unleashing the Power of Passion

„After Death“- Coaching

How you rise like the phoenix from the ashes 

What happens when it's over?

It’s a question that endures. Isn't it? And it does not necessarily have to refer to the end of our lives. There are many endings in our lives. And we don't really want to make friends with any of them.

Which end do I mean?

The end when business is ruined, the games lost, your dreams shattered. When hopelessness seems to have won. When the zeitgeist is about to overtake you.

Do you know this feeling? Do you know what I'm talking about?

The thick end is not only death. No. The end has many faces. And is - paradoxically - always the beginning of a beginning. A new beginning.

Let's find the surprises awaiting you in the end together.


With my "After Death" coaching.

It hits you in the dark of night. In your bleakest hour. Just when you need it. And it shows you not only how to master the end. But how you discover something grandiose out of this ending! Namely, that your experience of the end survives your end. And how you rise like the phoenix from the ashes. 

And you know what? When there is nothing left to lose, that’s when you can open your eyes completely. And look freely into your worries, the pressures and the fear.

Shall we use the favour of your darkest hour?

Yes, I would like to rise like the phoenix from the ashes

Currently on offer

Anyone can live in complicated circumstances. It is not yet an art to ponder fat problems. The adventure, the uniqueness, the genius begins with the solutions.

Business Coaching
The Magic of Functioning
VIP Coaching
Invest in yourself!
Turbo training for your creativity
How to profit from the fear of death - and become more casual than James Bond in the process
Happyness Coaching
Your jackpot into another dimension
Joyment Coaching
From "Homo Religious" to Sensuality Grenade
The lightshow at the speed of light - 
your new lifestyle?
„After Death“ - Coaching
How you rise like the phoenix from the ashes 
Border Crossers Coaching
Drive out of your private hell - and experience greatness
Partnership Training
Riding the wave of love
The Zen Zensation®
Moving mountains while sitting
The bomb of Zensation
Zen in the art of grinning


All together
Workshops & Seminars
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++ Humanity is on the brink ++ The world has been shaken ++ Many central systems are tottering on the brink of final collapse ++ Now is the chance to change the dimension of consciousness ++ An existential race for survival has begun ++ Each and every person counts ++ You count ++ Everything is demanded of you in this race ++ It's worth it

Project announcement

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Zen meets Painting

Bernd M. Selmeier & Amanda Sage

The name sounds like poetry. Like creativity. Like art.

Amanda Sage.

Amanda is a painter from the USA. She has her studios in LA, Colorado and Vienna. What she puts on canvas there is more than extraordinary, it is "top of the world" and - it is paradoxical.

Paradox? Wait a minute... Zen. Zensation. Compensation? Yes, exactly! Zensational® - the epitome of paradox.

So, it was obvious that a few months ago, in a coffee house in Vienna, Amanda and I decided to let the art world of painting and the crazy world of Zensational meet. Without any guidelines, without any conceptual planning of how the process should proceed and where it would lead to in the end...

Two creative nutbags in a world that's about to come apart at the seams embark on a joint experiment...

The start will be: August 2023.

The highlight for you!

You know what's absolutely great? That you can follow the development of this extraordinary project almost live. On this website!

Because a series will be created. And every time a new picture is finished, you will see it here immediately. Not quite in real time. But in colour. With all the background information...

Be and stay - curious.

Yes, I want to be informed by email about the progress of ZEN MEETS PAINTING

Amanda Sage


Florian Gruber


Georg Memminger


Bernd is an absolutely off-the-charts one-of-a-kind!

Why are dance studios mirrored ?
So that you can recognize your own clumsy movements and hone them.
And who mirrors the own psyche ?
Bernd M. Selmeier !

Zensational® ZensationAl Zensationell Zensationell Zensationell Zensationell Zensationell Zensationell


What is the uniqueness factor of Zensational Coaching?
How does AI, artificial intelligence, see Zensational's USP?
What is everyday life?
What are problems?
Can "Zensational" coaching help me?
What is the nature of problems?
What do problems do?
What is Zensational's attitude to problems?
What is Zensationell's position on money?
What would Zensational Coaching cost me?
To whom do I pay?